• We use only true 16 gauge, 1.5MM thick 304 stainless sheets to manufacture our products, ensuring our sinks can withstand the punishment and abuse a sink endures.

    By using 6 mm, 6-gauge solid stainless-steel plates to construct our Atelier flush-mount sink rim, the ¼” steel plate provide a stable base for mounting our TRUE flush-mount sink to any countertop materials.

  • We are consistently seeking out the latest manufacturing equipment and technology. By bringing in the latest machinery and upgrading our manufacturing expertise, we not only ensure we improve our day-to-day product quality, but new manufacturing techniques also inspire us to create new patent-pending designs that help us become the leader in stainless steel sink industry.

  • In the art of making stainless steel products, advanced welding equipment and welding expertise are the most important aspects to producing the best stainless-steel products. This is the reason we use the best laser welding equipment, coupled with the latest laser weld tracking technology, to produce the most accurate and cleanest stainless-steel welds in the sink industry, ensuring our products are the most cutting-edge products in the world.

  • Since the introduction of stainless-steel sinks, the sink mounting options were always limited to under-mount or top-mount installation. Both options result in a range of problems from water seal maintenance to mold, mildew, and bacteria build-up in the gaps between the sink and under the countertop. Mila international recognized the need for a better installation alternative that solves the problems caused by under-mounting or top-mounting, yet was practical and easy to install.

    The Mila International TRUE Flush-mount Installation Sinks are the solution.

  • Mila began its journey a decade ago because we believe there is a need for improvement in the utility, installation, and sanitary aspects of stainless-steel sinks in the marketplace. In 2009, we launched the world’s first TRUE flush-mount stainless steel sink line, and became the pioneer that created this utility. Not satisfied with simply being the pioneer in the industry, in 2019, we introduced 4 new LOW PROFILE FLUSH-MOUNT sink line, with elegant curves and angular features plus narrower rim profiles, still with the PATENTED easy-to-install flush mounting technology. We remain committed to bring to the consumer the most complete installation and utility in the stainless steel sink industry.

  • Mila sinks offer a revolutionary Tri-Mount installation system (CN patent #2,579,506; other patents pending), providing a sink to match any installation circumstance (under-mount, drop-in, or flush-mount).

    We also introduced our Orion dual-mount sink with a unique patented bevel basin design (US patent D618,324 S; other patents pending); not only giving your sink a modern and innovative look, but also making cleaning up a snap.

    Mila International is excited to announce four new TRUE flush-mount sink models that continue to push the boundaries of what was previously thought impossible. Each sink features lower profile rims that almost disappear into the counter top. With an exciting range of colors to choose from including Gold, Rose Gold, Graphite and Satin Brushed Stainless Steel. This new addition further establishes Mila International as the pioneer in the stainless steel sink industry.